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In the Social Strategist Society students learn:


Step by step how to set up a business providing virtual services.

I will walk students through each step to set up a business that they love and start offering services ASAP. If students have already set up a business I will help audit your setup to make sure there aren't any missed vital steps for success.


Social Media Management for today's entrepreneurs.

I won't give out old tricks that don't work with today's algorithms. We are diving deep into what social media platforms want from content creators and social media managers today. We have to know these up-leveled skills to be able to attract the best clients.


Content creation strategy and shortcuts I've used to grow multiple social media accounts and more importantly create raving fans who BUY.

Social media is a vision game. We need eyes on your content to get sales for clients.  I'll teach students some fast track methods to create or manage content creation along with the lessons I've learned on shortcuts that work, and the ones that won't.

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Students + The Social Strategist Society = everything needed to get started!

Ever had the thought "Are there even any real opportunities out there to have a business that is flexible and profitable?" 

Or maybe it just seems like there are people out there getting clients and making income, but we can't figure out how they are doing it. And they aren't telling.

This membership is the forward momentum needed to gain impact and flexibility in work life. 

With the Social Strategist Society students can become a confident and in demand virtual business owner.

  • A step by step guide to setting up business for success, finding clients, setting up your systems, and wowing clients and their audiences.
  • In-depth training on modern social media management techniques with actionable resources and practical tutorials to use now in business.
  • Access to a successful mentor who has built a business from the ground up along with a stellar community of like-minded professionals.

A Note From Sarah...

Almost 20 years ago, I got an opportunity to be introduced to the online world with a virtual career.  I won't sugar coat it. It's been an interesting ride with highs and lows. I've learned a lot about business and providing services for other business owners.

I've made some mistakes and had some incredible successes. I've been featured and sourced in national magazines, built a website to over one million pageviews a month, coached hundreds of business students, and worked for some amazing business owners.

All while being able to go to the school plays, the marching band competitions, and the baseball games. I've been there for sick days for my kids and also been able to serve in my community.

Now I'm committed to the knowledge that my journey and the skills I gained can help jump start someone else's new business, too.

Are we ready for an incredible ride?

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  • Personalized feedback and support as students create the business and the life they were meant to have.

  • Having clear, specific steps with video tutorials, PDF downloads, templates and instructions in the latest social media management techniques.

  • Someone to hold us accountable and hold our hands. A community of "nice girls" committed to helping each other rise over any competitive nature.

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What's Included


#1- 4 Modules of the Social Strategist Society Course

Video and PDF lessons dripped out monthly. As a founding member you get the opportunity to provide feedback and help shape the course content.

#2- Monthly connecting times for group coaching.

Each month get the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and receive specialized advice in a group coaching setting. Group calls are recorded for replay as well.

#3- An exclusive community for students.

Inside the community get access to brand reviews, guest teachers, business owner guidance, and discovery call practices and workshops. Along with exclusive job opps from business owners needing to hire now.

The Result? 

A custom plan to design, start, grow and scale a business as a social media manager and virtual assistant.

With the confidence and tools to find, attract, onboard, and impress as many clients as wanted to be fully booked.

The Result?

A custom plan for you to design, start, grow and scale a business as a social media manager and virtual assistant.

With the confidence and tools to find, attract, onboard, and impress as many clients as you want to be fully booked with.


How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect if:

  • Ready to stop wasting time and effort and ready to start creating a life that is loved
  • Want the next steps strategically laid out in an easy to follow manner.
  • Overwhelmed by doing this alone and wish there was someone who has been there and is able to help.
  • Questioning whether being a virtual assistant is even possible but want freedom and more time for the loved ones and activities enjoyed
  • Talented and love to learn new techniques and are eager for a business that has maximum impact and income.

Not a good fit if...

  • Aren't committed to taking action.
  • Don't want to take advice or be coachable.
  • Can't invest in yourself and your success.
  • Aren't ready to take the necessary steps to move to the next level.
I need this!

So what will it be?


Time for a Tour

After checkout, students receive an email with login access to the member's area of the website. They will also receive a link to join the exclusive Facebook Group. Inside the group and welcome area they will find a video with further instructions.


Each Week

Each week new pieces of the course will be delivered or open Q and A sessions will happen in the group. Each piece of the course comes with PDF resources, templates, swipe files, videos, etc.


Group Coaching Calls

Each month there will be time set aside to talk directly to your mentor on group live coaching calls. There is a submission form for questions in advance or offer them up during the live if there is enough time. I don't want any question to go unanswered, so I show up. And I just need students to show up, too.

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Here's What Others Are Saying...

Kathy Logan

Sarah has been in the field of social media marketing for so long that she is in constant demand. Since cloning herself isn't possible, she's done the next best thing by training others and sharing her vast knowledge. She has business owners ready and waiting to hire VAs trained by her. Sarah will teach you everything you need to know to market yourself and find the perfect client (or clients). It's also extremely helpful that Sarah continues to work in the field, allowing her to stay up to date on the most recent changes with platforms. She shares that information with her students, insuring that our skills remain current.

Andi Gibson

What has impressed me the most about the Social Strategist Course is the vast breadth of knowledge that Sarah has packed into it. I've taken other virtual assistant training, but nothing has come close to covering and diving deep into social media management to the degree this one does. I would honestly equate this program with an advanced college course in social media marketing. It's amazing.