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Are you a small business owner using social media who needs better results with less time and stress?

This is me!

With the Make and Take Content Club you can have done for you content on demand each and every month!

  • At least 40 options for done for you posts designed to get RESULTS each and every month.
  • Easy to customize templates to swap out branding, colors, and content.
  • Exclusive bonus templates, masterclasses, and a full design course
  • Weekly short video ideas with links to trending audio and example videos
  • Monthly stock photo drops based on member requests
  • Monthly fill in the blank copy and captions 


  • A full Canva course with projects and templates (value $197)
  • Full content creation crash course (value $297)
  • Full in-depth How-To Short Video course! (value $597)
  • 1,000+ Content Ideas Workshop (value $197)
  • Short Video Database with over 500 audio links and example videos (value $297)
  • 2-week done for you vacation posting plan (value $97)
  • Hashtag Database by niche (value $197)
  • Current action guides for major platforms ($97 value)
  • Library of over 1000 exclusive stock photos. ($697 value) 
  • An exclusive community with monthly Q and A sessions with Sarah ($697 value)



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The Make and Take Content Club is designed for small biz owners, and their virtual assistants, who think...


Content creation takes too long each month!

With templates, photos, trends, masterclasses, and fill in the blank copy and captions. We want to save you time!


There aren't enough resources designed for them...

There are lots of content memberships out there for those who coach but not many for creative entrepreneurs, handmade artists, or e-commerce sellers. This membership is designed for those creative people and the content they need!


Content should get results!

Social stuff is constantly changing what they prioritize. You need someone in your corner who knows the latest changes and the content that will make platforms happy and make your ideal person thrilled to be part of the conversation!

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Your biz + The Make and Take Content Club= less stress and more results!

Ever missed posting and thought "There has to be a better way?!"

Or maybe it just seems like even though you are posting consistently, the results just aren't coming in like they should?

The Make and Take Content Club is designed to take away the guessing game and give back hours of life!

Who is Sarah...

I literally eat, sleep and breathe content. 

It started as an online writer and blogger and then spread to social media and video content. 

 I've been featured and sourced in national magazines, built a website to over one million page views a month, coached hundreds of business students, and worked for some amazing business owners.

All while being able to go to the school plays, the marching band competitions, and the baseball games. I've been there for sick days for my kids and also been able to serve in my community.

Now I have helped thousands of small business owners create better content with less time and headache. 

So you can be there for more of the moments in your life.

Content is the conversation between a business and its ideal person.

Ready to make that conversation skyrocket your business?

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  • Done for you posts ready to download and schedule each and every month.

  • Easy to customize templates to add branding and unique business touch with less time and fuss.

  • Fill in the blank copy and captions that are easy to customize and attract ideal people.

  • Exclusive templates, masterclasses, worksessions, and more every month!

  • No more wondering how to post, when to post, what to post, or how to create content?

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What's Included


#1- Monthly done for you graphics and exclusive stock photos PLUS weekly trending video ideas.

Faster to create! It's that simple.

#2- Templates to easily modify.

Or open up the templates and customize perfectly for your brand.

#3- Fill in the blank copy and captions.

Fill in the blank to make them your own. Then start the conversation with your people.

#4- Monthly Q&A

Our "what's working right now" sessions will focus on answering all your content questions specific to your niche. 

#5- Monthly masterclasses.

Each month you will get a new content creation masterclass with templates to make it even easier for you. We have over 12 masterclasses currently in the library covering carousels, gift guides, video creation, and more.

#6- Exclusive community and more!

Find like-minded business owners and share strategies on content ideas and creations. Plus fun challenges, contests, and content reviews, and full courses to teach you how to work the platforms you want to grow on!

The Result? 


Less time spent on content creation. Maybe get a massage or watch TV? Or hang out with family instead of trying to figure out what to post?

A chance for better results? Access to content ideas designed to promote conversation, relationship building and build business.

The Result? 


Less time spent on content creation. Maybe get a massage or watch TV? Or hang out with family instead of trying to figure out what to post?

A chance for better results? Access to content ideas designed to promote conversation, relationship building and build business.


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"Sarah's content almost ALWAYS gets better engagement on my page. Her graphics are also teaching me how to create my own content based on my ideal customer. It’s a combination of a grab and go AND learn as you go experience. She’s a true expert and well worth my hard earned business money."



I went from nothing to MAT. I would occasionally post something on FB, TT, and IG but never daily. I just didn't ever feel like I had the time to add something extra to my schedule.

With MAT it has gotten me not only a post a day on 2 platforms that are already done for me, but it has gotten me out of my box to make my own posts, my own reels, my own videos. I love everything about MAT, but it is when I go and look at my numbers, that keeps me coming back month to month!

 -Donna B

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What do our MAT members say?

We've helped thousands of small business owners with their content strategy and being CONSISTENT with their social media. Here's what just a few have to say.

Julie A

MAT literally saved my Instagram and FB! I only missed 1 day of posting in the last 3-4 weeks and I had a ton of crazy going on. Now I feel like I can jump right back in, check my planner and get my business life back together with minimum effort. Thank you Sarah!!! You are amazing!!!

Linda G.

I love that I can do this! I have 124 posts scheduled. All scheduled out for the month! Thanks, Sarah!

Vicki W

Wow! I can’t believe that this post is still
going so strong for engagement! Thank you Sarah for all you do for us to help us in our businesses❤️ AND over 1.5 k comments!!!!
I need the MAT Content Club!